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Vino di Anna

Vino di Anna Palmento White

Vino di Anna Palmento White

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Terre Siciliane


Vino di Anna

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Appetizers, Snacks, Shellfish

Meet Palmento Bianco, a masterpiece from Italy's heart. Crafted from a harmonious medley of organically nurtured, native grape varieties, it takes root on the lofty northern slopes of Sicily's iconic Mt Etna. The symphony begins in September, where hands carefully pluck the grapes from diverse vineyards.

Catarratto and Insolia, the initial players, step onto the stage. Whole bunch pressed, they dance into stainless steel, where spontaneous, uncontrolled fermentation commences. Meanwhile, Grecanico grapes, including the Grecanico Dorato, embrace a week-long maceration, embracing the skins in their embrace.

This white wine embodies the essence of the land and the passion of its makers. It's a tribute to nature's bounty and the hands that tend it, a testament to the soul of Italian winemaking.

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