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Adega do Vulcao

Adega do Vulcao Ameixambar

Adega do Vulcao Ameixambar

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Adega do Vulcao

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Arinto dos Açores

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Fish, shellfish, cheese

Ameixâmbar - Unique wine from Faial and Pico, two islands with distinct volcanic soils. It blends native grapes from Capelinhos on Faial, where a volcanic eruption occurred in 1957, and "lajidos" in Criação Velha on Pico. This combination creates a perfectly balanced wine with a one-of-a-kind character. Fermented and aged in a refrigerated egg-shaped cement tank.

Vineyards cover around 14 hectares across Pico and Faial Islands, with a well-equipped cellar on Pico Island. Led by an Italian family with extensive experience, Adega do Vulcão celebrates the charm of each Azorean island and the diverse soils that shape they wines. Pico Island, home to ancient vineyards protected by dry-stone walls, yields exceptional wines in its volcanic crust. Recognized by UNESCO, the Pico Island Vineyard Culture Landscape showcases our commitment to reviving and honoring the unique viticultural traditions. The land enriched by the 1957 eruption offers exceptional mineral composition and a favorable microclimate

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