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Suertes del Marqués

Suertes del Marques Trenzado White

Suertes del Marques Trenzado White

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Valle de la Orotava


Suertes del Marqués

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Pedro Ximenez

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Aperitif, Snacks, Fish

From the sun-kissed vineyards of Spain emerges an exceptional white wine. The grapes, carefully selected from venerable vines for the first two varieties and youthful Vidueño vines, hold the promise of distinct character.

The harvest, a labor of love, unfolds by hand during September and October. Each grape, a precious gem, is cradled in 16-kilogram boxes, ensuring the avoidance of premature fermentation.

The pressing is an artistry of precision, embracing whole clusters without destemming or squeezing. Alcoholic fermentation then begins its transformative dance. Forty percent of the must finds its rhythm in concrete with skins, while the remaining sixty percent embraces French oak barrels of 500 liters.

The culmination of this symphony is Suertes del Marqués Trenzado. Eight months of patient aging embrace this elixir. It commences its journey in concrete, a homage to authenticity, and remains in close communion with lees. The dance continues as some are nurtured in one-year-old French oak barrels, and the rest in the embrace of barrels two years mature.

The soul of Suertes del Marqués is woven across nine hectares of vineyard, each precious parcel occupying the space between 350 and 700 meters above the ocean's embrace. It's a tribute to terroir, craftsmanship, and a symphony of elevations that shape this liquid masterpiece.

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