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João M Barbosa

Ninfa Tinto Red

Ninfa Tinto Red

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João M Barbosa

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Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional

Pairing with:

Grilled meat, Steak, Burgregs

Explore the depths of Portugal's red wine excellence with a captivating ruby hue that unveils an orchestra of red fruit nuances and delicate floral whispers. This wine, a symphony of intensity, graces the palate with a masterful equilibrium, gentle tannins, and an enduring finish.

João Barbosa, a dedicated craftsman, weaves wines that mirror the unique tapestry of each vineyard plot. These wines, characterized by their individuality and defiance of convention, embody a family's unwavering commitment to perfection and distinction, spanning the sun-kissed landscapes of Alentejo and Tejo regions.

The blue rose, our emblem, symbolizes unattainable excellence and an ardent promise to our extended family of wine enthusiasts. Nurtured in rich clay-limestone soils, NINFA wines flourish, their roots reaching deep for nourishment.

Amidst the Mediterranean climate with its Atlantic caress, the vines bask in southern exposure, their resilience bolstered by temperature variations. It's a canvas painted with nature's finest strokes, where every bottle encapsulates the essence of Portugal's vinous passion and terroir magic.

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