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João M Barbosa

Ninfa Maria Gomes White

Ninfa Maria Gomes White

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João M Barbosa

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Maria Gomes

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Snacks, fish

Behold a Portuguese white wine that beckons with an intense and timeless aroma, showcasing the quintessential essence of its grape variety. Immerse yourself in a bouquet of white flowers, intertwined with notes of orange, apple, and plum. The playful spirit of freshly cut grass emerges, culminating in a harmonious fusion of white pepper spices. As it graces your palate, the wine's youthful exuberance comes to life, boasting a well-balanced symphony of flavors. Plum and yellow apple dance alongside the refreshing touch of limestone that nurtured its growth, harmonizing seamlessly with delicate white spice.

Crafted with care, this wine underwent fermentation in 225-liter French oak barrels, abstaining from bâtonnage. Following its transformation, it matured gracefully for five months, a testament to its journey of refinement after fermentation.

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