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Mur Mur Mur

Mur Mur Mur X Cano Red

Mur Mur Mur X Cano Red

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Castile-La Mancha


Mur Mur Mur

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Savoury bites

Glou Glou Red: funky style, juicy and savoury, low-tannin, cool acidity, easy to drink chilled red.

Grapes: It has all the Domaine grapes: Airen, Grey Muscat of white, Tempranillo, Graciano, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Garnacha, Garnacha Tintorera and Tinto Velasco of red.
Soil: Being grapes from different plots, the soils are different, all clay- calcareous, but some very limestone, others more stony and some more fertile with altitudes from 700 to 800 meters above sea level.
Elaboration: All the grapes were destemmed and stepped on in the deposit by all the children and so for 3 days. Then it was pressed and fermented in a stainless steel tank where it was until it was bottled in February.

This wine was the brilliant idea of Samuel's six-year-old son, Loïc. Now it's a Cano family tradition to blend all of the winery's grapes into one cuvée and celebrate the harvest in this way, producing a wine that's juicy like glou glou. We recommend serving this wine slightly chilled (7-9 degrees) and pairing with savoury bites. MurMurMur & Bottoms Up! 750 ml. 12% vol. Contains Sulfites NO added.

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